Skiathos is the closest to the mainland from the islands of Sporades. Is 41 NM. miles from the capital of Magnesia, Volos and just 2.4 miles from the coast of South Pelion. The island is 48 square kilometers.


The island has been inhabited since prehistoric times, probably from Pelasgians and later possibly from Crete. Later Skiathos town was firmly allied to Athens, both in the First and in the Second Athenian Alliance. For the Byzantine period not have much information. It is known however that the island suffered greatly from pirates. Piracy continued both during the short Venetians, and the Turks. The island had a significant contribution to the Greek Navy in 1821 and became part of the first Greek state.


The Little Asselinos in the northern part of the island.
The island has lush vegetation and beaches, the most familiar of Skiathos, Banana, Little and Great Asselinos, Great Ammo, Lalaria the Vromolimno, Kanapitsa, the island Tsougria etc.
In Skiathos Town is perfectly preserved home of Papadiamantis born and lived on the island.
On the waterfront there Mpoyrtzi small peninsula that separates the two.
On the island there are many old churches and monasteries. Listed seven monasteries.